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German Maestro 3CAN116

On-Ear austiņas

German Maestro 3CAN116 - On-Ear Headphones

Development and final in Germany:
In the development of the 3 Series headphones has been plenty of time for the acoustic tuning used in such circumstances, to create a product with a high volume output to mobile devices with level resistance. The headphones also has a specifically designed for use on the go Optimised tonality.
The philosophy:
The goal when developing the 3 Series headphones 3CAN116 was a product, which meet the demand of high-end products invoice trägt, and the headphones earphones at the same time with powerful sound optics and Smart Technology. These headphones are built for mobile use developed and optimised. Yet is inserted a regular dose of high-end in this power packed boxes.
16Ω speaker system:
High efficiency 16Ω Neodymium speaker systems for amplifier Mobile Devices that only have limited output voltage, to achieve the maximum possible volume level. The strong Neodymium drive adds for a high level of effectiveness and so it has at a lower battery consumption.
Abyss Deep Bass:
The headphones have the Zusammenspiels loudspeaker chassis enclosure and housing construction optimised technology made from Bedämpften and open resonators. So it has undergone an exceptionally deep bass with an incredible 6Hz (-10 dB) border rate possible. The Bass Response, making it very powerful and artikuliert, and to the allertiefsten frequencies.
Frequency Response:
Despite the powerful bass-driven to keep their tuning is the the other headphone frequency response Large Linear listening the screen protector. Using techniques to sound optimisation The 3CAN116 headphones have a balanced sound image and longer Hörsessions steht nichts im Wege.

Vairāk informācijas
Austiņu tips
Frekvenču diapazons (Hz)
6 - 26000
Jūtība (dB)
Pretestība (Omi)
3.5 mm jack (gold-plated)
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